CAGE formed in 1992 after the demise of local San Diego heavy metal stalwarts CRUSHER and NOMAD.  From the ashes of those two bands would arise a metal machine that would evolve into one of Earth’s mightiest groups, whose exploits have become legend in the underground.  Sometimes known as THE AMERICAN POWER METAL KINGS, CAGE has earned that moniker over two decades by gaining a reputation as an unmatched live act and by releasing one classic album after the next.  As we head into a new era for the band with what may be their most fearsome lineup yet, they prepare to release their 7th, most ambitious album yet.
This new lineup will be pushed to the limit but they are ready for the task.  CASEY “THE SENTINEL” TRASK is the new guitar player opposite original metal gang-star DAVE “CONAN” GARCIA.  CASEY has a mesmerizing, natural stage presence to go along with his tasty, true metal style shredding.  He instantly donned the leather pants and has added immensely to the writing of the new record.

Drummer SEAN “THE THRASHING MACHINE” ELG is perhaps the most entertaining drummer to watch CAGE has ever had.  Mixing in the both the technical prowess and visual fireworks makes him the ultimate warrior on the skins.  Relentless is the word that comes to mind and his attitude and love for the glory of steel is matched only by his drive to be the best he can be.

DWIGHT MAGIC is the bass wizard CAGE has always wanted and now has.  No matter how many strings he is playing the thunder never stops.  DWIGHT also has contributed to the writing which is the first time CAGE has had this additional luxury.  Being a true musical guru has not stopped this madman from releasing his inner beast every time we hit the stage!

Singer SEAN “THE HELL DESTROYER” PECK and DAVE GARCIA continue to drive this battleship straight into the breach without fear!

Listing past accomplishments seems trite as this narrative is meant to look forward to where the CAGE MARK V lineup will strike next.  A 7th cd, and a severe increase in worldwide touring.  Keep your eyes open and prepare for battle!!